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Q&A Series #31 Q: My child developed a few blisters at the corner of his mouth since 3 days ago. They were very itchy and after he started scratching them, the blisters burst and the wound become wet. He also developed some other patches on his neck, armpit and arms. He has no history of allergies.

A: This lesion is called impetigo. A type of skin bacterial infection. It is very common in infants and children. It usually occurs around the nose and mouth areas, may also involve the body, hands and feet. It is very contagious. Therefore, early antibiotic treatment...

Q&A Series #30 Q: Are acne scars permanent?

A: There are different types of acne scars. If they are just dark spots, they usually take 4 to 6 months to fade away. But if there is an underlying skin structure disruption eg. deep indentation, it will not recover fully. New technologies have made acne marks to...

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